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Jobtiviti is a social job seeking app that helps you to apply for jobs with your true potential. We combine traditional Job seeking information (like resume) and social activities to produce a comprehensive resume profile for jobseekers.


A. Jobtiviti Admin Module:

  • Company ListAdmin received all the request of new Employer. Admin can View/edit/approve or reject the request.
  • Job ListAdmin received all the Jobs request from all the Employer. Admin can View/edit/approve or reject the Jobs request.
  • Approve/Reject Job seekerAdmin received the request from all the jobseeker for every job. Admin can view/match/approve and reject their profile.
  • Create announcementThis page is use to create the announcement which reflect to Job seeker when they open their profile on Mob app
  • Create agent who verify the Jobs seeker (This page is use to create some agent who verify the jobseeker)
  • Create sales agent (These agents send referral request to the employer user)
  • Credit (Credit from where admin can view/credit/debit the amount from the employer wallet
  • Create Sub user (user/manager/Sub_ admin) Here user can create sub user who have according to their role.
  • Talent list (List of mobile users (job seeker). Admin can recommend any job to these users by mail)
  • Setting (Admin can change password)
  • Mails (Admin received mail when some user/jobs/jobseeker register on the website

B. Jobtiviti Employer(company) Module:

  • Register Employer (here user have to fill employer details)
  • Register Company details and verified mail (Here user have to fill the Company details)
  • Create Job (This is use to create job in three simple steps)
  • a. Add detail requirements for job

    b. Add question for interview

  • Hiring history (User can see the deleted job)
  • Shortlist candidate Employer can approve the jobseeker once they are approved by admin
  • Connect with Candidate (Employer can send request to candidate to connect after watching his interview)
  • Set interview (once job seeker is approved to connect, then company can connect with the job seeker)
  • Pay for right candidate (if company have to connect with the job seeker, they have to pay
  • Setting (User can edit and change their profile)
  • Contact (User can send the query/feedback to jobtiviti admin)
  • Mails (employer received mail when some jobseeker apply/connect/approve and reject for the job

C. Jobtiviti Job seeker (Mob User):

  • Registration (user can Register with mail ID/ Google/Facebook)
  • Create Resume (Here user can enter their details which create their resume.
  • Complete quizzes (Here User Complete Quiz to get more chances for selection)
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  • Post Job activity (Here user can Add/view/edit/delete Job activity (Post your activity))
  • Gain rewards (User can gain rewards when they View/like/comment/share/follow others Jobtiviti)
  • Follow/Unfollow (User can also follow and unfollow and user)
  • Read Article (Here user can read article)
  • Apply for Job (Here Job seeker can search and apply for the job as per their profile.
  • Interview process and selection (Once user is shortlisted for the interview, they can give the interview, withdraw and confirm to connect for the interview)
  • Notification and Push Notification (Here user received all the notification regarding the job)
  • Mails (received mail when some employer apply/connect/approve and reject for their job request)


  • For Database:-
    My SQL and Mongo DB
  • For Web based Application:-
    PHP, Laravel, Web API, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Angular 8
  • For Android App: -
    Ionic 4 Development Framework-Cordova Plugin and Android SDK, Mixpanel
  • For Apple App: -
    Ionic 4 Development Framework-Cordova Plug-in and iOS SDK, Mix Panel
  • For Hosting Server: -
    Wamp and IIS
  • For Environment: -
    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

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