Recruitment & Professional E-learning Platform (Jobtiviti) Read how our dedicated software developers employ cutting-edge technologies to design a customizable, feature-rich job portal to meet the needs of our client�s businesses.

Recruitment & Professional
E-learning Platform (Jobtiviti)

Secure & scalable Online Job Application Platform that enables the job seekers to unlock their true potential. We combine traditional job seeking information & comprehensive resume profiles

Client Requirement

  • The client wants to design a social job-seeking app that can help candidates to apply for their choice of jobs easily with true potential.
  • He wants to combine traditional Job seeking information (like a resume) and social activities to produce a comprehensive resume profile for job seekers.

Our Approach to Develop Project

We want to make the development of this recruitment and professional e-learning application (Jobtiviti) straightforward. Hence first of all we choose to identify the Target Audience.

  1. 01
    Identifying Targeted Audience

    Our main focus while designing this application was not only to connect employers with employees but to make it more real for all. Clients want to provide a secure as well as trusted platform to candidates where they can apply for jobs, and create resumes according to their previous skills and qualification while employers can recruit candidates easily through virtual interviews.

  2. 02
    Design User Interface

    Our developers know the importance of a visually appealing app. Also, it should be easy to navigate, and intuitive while providing a seamless experience to users. So, we designed an interactive user interface so that it can engage and retains users.

  3. 03
    Develop The Application

    The development phase of the project includes coding, testing, and deployment of the application. We make sure that the application should be optimized for mobile devices, along with a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. Also, it should also be compatible with different operating systems and devices.

  4. 04
    Launch & Promotion

    The final step is to launch and promote the application. We thoroughly test the app before launch to ensure it is bug-free and meets the requirements and specifications. Also, we create marketing strategies to reach the target audience and generate interest among users.

Technologies Deployed

  • For Database:
    My SQL and Mongo DB
  • For Web based Application:
    PHP, Laravel, Web API, HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Angular 8
  • For Android App:
    Ionic 4 Development Framework-Cordova Plugin and Android SDK, Mixpanel
  • For Apple App:
    Ionic 4 Development Framework-Cordova Plug-in and iOS SDK, Mix Panel
  • For Hosting Server:
    Wamp and IIS
  • For Environment:
    Amazon Web Services (EC2)

Development & Implementation

We created three modules for the Jobtiviti project:

A. Admin Module:

This panel is for the administrators, and they can take action on all new requests of the new employer.

  • They can View/edit/approve/reject the request.
  • Create agents who verify the Jobs seeker.
  • Create sales agent.
  • Create Sub user.
  • Create a Talent list by recommending jobs to users by mail.

B. Employer(company) Module:

This panel is designed for employers, and they can register themselves to create jobs after adding detailed requirements for jobs.

  • This panel also allows employers to check hiring history, shortlist candidates, set interviews, and connect with candidates on virtual calls.
  • Employers can also make payments for the selected candidates and manage their company details.

3. Job seeker module (Mob User/employees):

Our final module is designed for end users (job seekers).

  • Candidates first have to register on Jobtiviti to create a resume, complete quizzes, and earn rewards to increase their chances of getting hired at one of the Fortune 1000+ companies around the globe.
  • This panel allows candidates to enhance their knowledge with informative articles.

Final Outcome

Web Screen:

Mobile Screen:

Client Profile

Client: Entrepreneur Location: Malaysia Industry: E-Learning

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