Football Academy

Football Academy

Strategy-based football gaming website for football players. The website allows players to play against a computer simulator.

Client Requirement

The client wants to develop a strategy-based football gaming website for football players. The website allows players to play against a computer simulator.

  • Users must sign up to play.
  • Players will have access to the Roster and Depth Chart (list of players categorized under different positions)
  • Each player will have a player bio-details screen (name, position, height, weight etc.).

Our Approach to Develop Project

We begin by defining the goals of the website, whether it will focus on casual gaming, competitive tournaments, or a combination of both. After that, we work to identify the target audience for this website i.e. football enthusiasts, gamers, or specific age groups, to tailor the gaming experience accordingly.

  1. 01
    Research and Planning

    In the second step, we conducted thorough research on existing football gaming websites to identify trends, features, and user expectations. We created a detailed plan outlining the website's structure, functionality, and content, along with defining the fundamental gameplay mechanics, including match simulations, player management, and online multiplayer modes.

  2. 02
    User Interface and Design

    Our dedicated website developers create a visually engaging and intuitive user interface that reflects the excitement and spirit of football. Football-themed graphics, colors, and animations are used to design interactive game screens, match visuals, and player avatars that enhance the gaming experience and make the website more realistic. Also, we focus on usability and ensure that navigation elements, menus, and buttons are easily accessible.

  3. 03
    Game Development

    Our experienced game developers use appropriate frameworks to build the football gaming engine. Implement the core gameplay mechanics identified during the planning phase, including player controls, AI opponents, physics simulations, and scoring systems.

  4. 04
    Multiplayer Functionality

    Football is a multi-player game, hence, we implement robust multiplayer functionality. Further matchmaking systems, leaderboards, and chat features has been integrated to facilitate player interactions and competitions. We add variety of football-related content to keep players engaged.

  5. 05
    Database development

    Develop a database of players, teams, and leagues, including accurate player attributes and statistics. Frequently update the content to reflect current events and team accomplishments. Also, we include features such as player customization, team management, and career modes to give the gaming experience depth and longevity.

  6. 06
    Testing and Quality Assurance

    Our in-house testing team conducted thorough testing at each stage of development to ensure the website functions correctly across different devices, browsers, and operating systems. Also, they test for bugs, glitches, and performance issues, and gather user feedback to identify areas for improvement.

  7. 07
    Deployment and Marketing

    Finally, we deploy the website on a reliable hosting platform and create a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote this website to reach the target audience.

Technologies Deployed

  • Bacakend: Blazor, .net
  • Frontend: Vue.js

Development & Implementation

CCS proposed to develop a web application - a simulated strategy football game, involving a user/gamer (the head coach) and system simulated team players.

There are three modules on this website

  • Superadmin
  • Admin
  • Players

Features added in the website:

  • Login Page: Users can securely access their personalized accounts, view gaming history, and engage in various interactive features.
  • Register: New users can easily join the football gaming community, gaining access to exclusive tournaments and content.
  • Donate: Users can financially support their favorite football team and help them to grow.
  • Homepage: Users can stay informed about live scores, upcoming tournaments, and the latest football news from a central, dynamic hub.
  • Tournament: Users can participate in exciting football competitions, showcasing their skills and competing against others for rewards.
    • About Tournament: Users can explore comprehensive information about ongoing tournaments, including rules, schedules, and prizes.
    • Tournament Format: Users can understand how football tournaments are structured, making it easier to follow matches and predict outcomes.
  • Teams: Users can explore details about participating teams, their favorite clubs, and players throughout the competitions.
  • Schedule: This page provides details about the Scheduled football matches so that users can plan their time effectively and never miss out on thrilling football matches and important gaming events.
  • About us: Users can learn about the website's creators, mission, and values, fostering trust and a sense of belonging to the community.
  • Celebrities: Users can be inspired and entertained by accessing content featuring renowned football personalities and their contributions to the sport.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

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