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Client needs a new e-Wallet Mobile Application in Android and iOS for Bangladesh. E-Wallet allows users to store multiple credit card and bank account numbers in a secure environment, and eliminate the need to enter in account information when making digital payment. Once the users have registered and created E-Wallet profiles, they can make payments faster and with QR Codes also. Apart from making e-commerce transactions, this e-wallet app can also be used to make bill payments, transfer money and avail services from merchants or retail industry.

Fig 1 :- Show the High-Level features of E-Wallet Solution


Below are given features & specification that we have provided for e-Wallet Mobile Application: The Customer can download the App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

A. Splash screen first installation

  • Show animated company logo
  • Download necessary data where required
  • Take all permissions
  • Check Device ID, SIM ID and necessary data for device lock
  • Check version compatibility
  • Installation

B. Splash screen after installation

  • Show animated logo
  • Check authorization
  • Check database for all necessary data
  • Download any required data
  • Check version compatibility

C. Signup

  • Input mobile number
  • OTP verification auto
  • NID Data capture and verification from NID server
  • NID image upload front and back
  • Accept Terms and conditions
  • User pass and create account on database
  • Profile creation- present address, permanent address, email ID, location data if permitted by user
  • PIN creation
  • Nominee data collection including NID front and back
  • Bank account verification

D. Login

  • Not editable mobile No. filed
  • Password
  • Check authorization
  • if authorized login
  • Flag checking if full user profile is created or anything skipped. If skipped need to complete all process of registration to access landing page

E. Forget password

  • Input PIN correctly to reset password
  • Check authorization

F. Forget PIN

  • Input password correctly to reset PIN
  • Check authorization

G. Forget both PIN and Password

  • Answer security question correctly to rest both PIN and Password
  • Check authorization

H. Account Lock

  • Incorrect PIN or Pass, only Pin, Only Password, or combined entry 3 times will
  • lock the account
  • Any security questions wrong answer will lock the account
  • Dial call center number to reactivate the account

I. Auto login

  • User can choose to auto login on until they logout from the app
  • Any security issue auto login will be forced logout

J. Update device

  • If new device cross check all security and set new device
  • Complete process to update device
  • Logout from all old device

K. Update SIM ID

  • If new SIM ID cross check all security and set new SIM ID
  • Remove Old SIM ID

L. Device lost, new SIM and forget password and PIN

  • Dial call center to reset
  • Complete process to reset
  • Any security questions wrong answer will lock the account
  • Dial call center number to reactivate the account

M. Landing page

  • Tap to check balance
  • Payment
  • Transfer
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • My QR (Customer Can Pay and Merchants can Receive the payment )
  • Log
  • Message
  • Geo fence
  • Chat
  • Navigation menu

N. Bank verification

O. Deposit

  • Deposit money to wallet from bank or card

P. Withdraw

  • Withdraw money from wallet to bank

Q. Transfer (Only for Customer)

  • Transfer money to another registered user by qr code scan
  • Transfer by number
  • Transfer non registered number but they will get it in their wallet when they register

R. Payment

  • Pay by scanning QR code (Customer)
  • Receive by scanning QR Code (Merchants )

S. Message

  • All in app message.
  • Sorted by sender
  • Select and delete option
  • Design, layout and message box functions will be like default mobile message

T. Geo Fence

  • Show all merchants in 1-5 mile radius
  • Show custom message with individual merchant location pin
  • Show moving objects

U. Augmented reality

  • Show merchant pin and details with augmented reality

V. Log/statement

  • Show transaction log section wise- Deposit, withdraw, transfer, payment
  • Show time wise – today, last 7 days, month wise and custom date selection
  • Bring to related log area from notification
  • Tap on each transaction entry will open detailed transaction details in pop up. Can save that as pdf invoice with merchant logo as standard invoice format.

W. My QR

  • Show my QR
  • Download my QR in large format to print with name, profile pic, mobile no and QR code in it
  • QR code will be designed QR with multi-colour and carved edge

X. Chat (Using 3rd Party SDK)

  • Only can with registered user and when logged in
  • Send friend request to chat
  • Invite to chat
  • Create chat groups
  • Emotions
  • Send files
  • Default chat rules will be applied
  • Show all friends and can remove from friend list
  • Block, abuse report option
  • End to end encryption
  • Chat enable declaration
  • Text, audio, video chat

Y. 3rd party integration

  • Talk time load for mobile operators
  • Bill pay

Z. Referral

  • Send invitation to others to join nucooin. Successful invitation will be added to referral list and earn benefits as per setting from back end
  • Redeem referral earnings
  • Show full reports of benefits earned per reference

AA.Auto login

  • By default users will be logged in to the app always
  • If user logout each time they need to login again
  • Any security issues auto login will be forced log out

BB. Language switch option

  • English
  • Bangla

CC. Notification

  • Notification for all actions
  • Link notifications to related areas in the app

DD.Push notification

  • Push notifications where needed

EE. Offers notification

  • Discount or other offers notification with links in in app messaging system

FF. Scratch cards

  • Scratch to see offers

GG.Nearby area offers

  • When user enter to any store or any areas start showing offers from that store orareas
  • Show 3rd party coupons and offers which are integrated with backend.


  • For Android App: Kotlin , Android Studio, SQL Lite ,
  • For iOS: Swit 5 , Xcode 12
  • Design Pattern: MVC
  • For Chat Solution: Twilio and FCM or WebRTC solution
  • Database: Mongo DB , MS SQL


  • Graphical User Interface Creation for Mobile App in Android and iOS (i.e.UX)
  • Application Architecture Design
  • Development of UI with Static and dummy data.
  • Functionality Development
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Live User Testing & Go Live
  • Maintenance Support

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