Converter Conversion of RS232 to RS485

Client Requirement

Client want to be developed a Converter module that allows the TTL interface of the microcontroller to be transferred to the RS485 module(MODBUS).

Solution Provided By Us

  • We have provided a solution that uses a microcontroller bridge to convert the RS 232 to RS485 (MODBUS) signal.
  • The controller takes the RS232 signal as input buffer and make a packet to send it to the slave device.
  • This solution works as a bridge between PLC and RS485 slave devices.
  • Working Process: The ESP32 has two UART communication ports.
    • On one port, we connect DB-9 RS2stud32 converter and receive data.
    • On the second UART port, we connect MAX-485 TTL to RS485 Converter module to send and receive data.
Working Structure of Solution

Figure: Working Structure of Solution


  • ESP32 Wroom
  • DB-9 RS232 to TTL Converter
  • MAX-485 TTL to RS-485 Converter Module
  • Male Jumper wires
  • Casing(Breadboard for testing)

Wire Connections

Connections of RS232 module to ESP32 board:

RS232 ESP32
RXD 16
TXD 17

Connections of Max485 module to ESP32 board:

RS485 ESP32
RE 32
DE 33
RX 26
TX 27

Technologies Used

  • Firmware Language:-
  • Development Chip:-
  • Communication Protocol :-
    RS232 , MAX 232 , RS 485 , MODBUS

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