AEM WEB Application Read our complete case study on the AEM web application. This app is designed to connect everyday drivers to businesses and organizations that have a message to spread.

AEM WEB Application

American elite marketing is an advertising company that connects everyday drivers to businesses and organizations that have a message to spread, from PSA's to sale-driven advertisements

Client Requirement

The client owns an advertising company that connects everyday drivers to businesses and organizations that have a message to spread. From PSAs to sale driven advertisements, everything is marketable. Even better, American drivers are paid monthly to turn their money sucking vehicles into cash earning machines.

Our Approach to Develop Project

  1. 01
    Define your target audience:

    This includes determining the specific group of users you want to target with our app an website based on demographics, industry, or any other relevant factors.

  2. 02
    Conduct user research:

    In this step, we gather insights about your target audience's preferences, behaviors, and pain points related to marketing. We have performed several surveys, interviews, and analyzed existing data to make decisions on the website’s features and functionalities.

  3. 03
    Set goals and objectives:

    We set goals to increase brand awareness, drive lead generation, and improve customer engagement.

  4. 04
    Create user personas:

    Our dedicated developers worked on creating user personas based on the data collected during user research. These personas will help us empathize with users and make design decisions that cater to their needs.

  5. 05
    Sketch wireframes and prototypes:

    The actual web design process starts with sketching wireframes and prototyping. We started by sketching low-fidelity wireframes that outline the basic layout and functionality of the website. Then, we create interactive prototypes using design tools or prototyping software to simulate the website’s interface and interactions.

  6. 06
    Designing an appealing interface:

    After understanding the website's structure and flow, our prime focus was to create a visually appealing interface. We use a consistent visual language, incorporating your brand's aesthetics, colors, and typography. Also, we paid attention to the placement of elements, and wisely used the white space to create a clean and intuitive user interface.

  7. 07
    Implement analytics and tracking:

    We integrate analytics tools into the website that will provide data on user interactions, engagement, and conversion rates. This data will help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize the website’s performance.

  8. 08
    Test and iterate:

    Once the website is ready, we conduct usability testing to identify any usability issues or areas for improvement. We collect feedback, analyze the results, and iterate on the design based on user insights to ensure it meets the needs of our audience.

  9. 09
    Launch and monitor:

    Once the website is developed and tested, we launch it in the market. We further monitor user feedback, and engagement metrics to track its performance and continuously iterate and improve the website based on user feedback.

Technologies Deployed

  • with MVC Framework
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Payment Gateway
  • Social APIs

Development & Implementation

There are basically four sections in AEM. One is AEM Website and three panels for :-

  • AEM Wrap Website
  • Advertiser: Advertisers can effectively promote your brand & marketing campaign. at prices significantly lower than the stationary billboards.
  • Driver: Driver are paid monthly to drive with advertisement on their vehicle. you simply get paid for what you’re doing already.
  • Administrator: Admins can connect drivers with advertisers.

Additional features in the website:

1. Advertiser Login Page:

The advertiser can login from this page to check his dashboard.

  • Advertiser dashboard shows how many miles all vehicles advertise.
  • Check how many miles the vehicle has advertised in the current month.
  • Check the list of all the drivers.
  • Send the request to Driver for advertisement.
  • See all the driver who are currently Active.
  • Track the all active Drivers location.
  • See all Active Driver’s payment History under payment section and make pending payment for active driver.
  • Make payment by clicking on the Pay button.
  • Create new advertisement inside the advertisement section.
  • Check all the advertisement list.
  • Update his profile under Setting section
  • Contact the AEM through messages from the dashboard in case of any query.

2. Driver Section Page:

The driver can login from this screen to check his dashboard.

  • Driver can see the monthly income review.
  • Total income and current month income.
  • Total miles walked.
  • Send a query to the advertiser.
  • Check for the pending advertisement request in the companies request section.
  • Accept or reject the request for advertisement.
  • Check the payment status list, inside Payment section.
  • Driver can update his profile from the Setting section.
  • Drivers can upload the vehicle image and also see their profile from About section.

3. Admin Section Page:

Admins can login to their accounts from this screen to check their dashboard.

  • Admin dashboard show all vehicles(miles) carrying advertisement.
  • Total income and current month’s income.
  • Total no of drivers and advertisers.
  • Admin can view the newly registered Drivers and drivers whoa are working under contract.
  • Can activate or deactivate any drivers profile.
  • Check the list of Driver and Advertisers Payment status.
  • Make payment if not payed.
  • Admin can see the messages list and reply for the message from the All Messages section.

Final Outcome

What Our Clients Say About Us

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Here are some kind words of our precious clients they have used to express their satisfaction with our service.