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American elite marketing is an advertising company that connect everyday drivers to businesses and organizations that have a message to spread, from PSA's to sale driven advertisements, Every-things is marketable. Even better American Drivers are paid monthly to turn their money sucking vehicles into a cash earning machine.

Solution Provided By Us

There are basically Four section in AEM. One is AEM Website and three panels for :-



Advertisers can effectively promote your brand & marketing campaign. At prices significantly lower than the stationary billboards.



Driver are paid monthly to drive with advertisement on their vehicle. You simply get paid for what you’re doing already.



Admin connect drivers with advertisers.

1. AEM Wrap Website:

AEM Home Screen is showing below.

This is the Login Screen user can login as a Drive or as a Advertiser also.

2. Advertiser Login Screens:

Login as a Advertiser below screen is open which is the Advertiser Dashboard. On dashboard Advertiser can see how much miles all vehicles advertising. And Can also see the current month advertisement miles also. If Advertiser have any Query to the AEM then he can also Write the message to AEM from dashboard.

From the Dashboard Advertiser can also see the list of all the Drivers. Screen given below.

Advertiser can directly send the request to Driver for advertisement. Screen given below.

Advertiser can also see all the driver who are currently Active. Screen is given below.

Advertiser can also track the all active Drivers location. Screen Given below.

Advertiser can also see the all Active Drivers payment History inside payment section. And if Advertiser want to pay for active driver then he can make the payment.

Click on view history button below screen is open.

Click on Pay button payment gateway is open to make the payment.

Advertiser can create the Advertisement inside advertisement section and also see all the advertisement list. Screen given below.

Advertiser can update his profile under Setting section. Screen given below

3. Driver Section Screens:

  • Login as a Driver below screen is open which is the Driver Dashboard.
  • On dashboard Driver can see the monthly income review.
  • Total income and current month income.
  • And also can see the total miles walk.
  • And also ask the query to the Advertiser.

Inside companies request driver can see the requests for the advertisement. By clicking the Accept Request button, driver can accept the request for advertisement.

Inside payment section Driver can also see the payment status list.

Driver can also update his profile under setting section.

Inside About section driver can upload the vehicle image and also see the profile.

4. Admin Section Screens:

  • Login as a Admin below screen is open which is the Admin Dashboard.
  • On dashboard Admin can see the All vehicles(miles) carrying advertisement.
  • Can also see the total income and current month income.
  • And also see the total no of drivers and advertisers.

Under Driver section admin can view the newly registered Drivers and under Contract Drivers list also.

Same as Driver section Advertiser section also contains newly registered Advertiser and under contract Advertisers list. And admin can make that profile active or deactive.

Admin can also see the list of Driver and Advertisers Payment status.And also make payment if not payed.

Under All Messages Admin can see the messages list and if want then give the reply to that message also.

Technologies Used

  • with MVC Framework
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Payment Gateway
  • Social APIs

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