Augmented Reality Application(Project-Paperbin)


Client: Entrepreneur    Location: USA    Industry: Gaming


  • Client was looking for a lightweight Augmented Reality Game in IOS with ultra realistic graphics and easy to play in their own environment. and to Adjust difficulty just by moving the bin around your own environment
  • At the bottom of the screen, there should be a global leader board. You can see your position on the global leader board for today and your standing in your country as for the day you are playing. The game should reset the score every day.
  • To Gain points at each insert of paper bowl in the Paper-Bin and daily coin bonuses was required
  • Standard Subscription options with a free trial period which will automatically renew to a paid subscription to your iTunes account at confirmation of game purchase was required.
  • Global and local real time live leader boards with 3 difficulty levels to compete was required.


Client found us in Google search when he was looking for a Augmented Reality Gaming solution; they found us due to our large online presence as a software company.


  • We developed Paper Bin AR to showcase our capabilities in developing augmented reality apps. It allows users to place objects in their own environment and experience games, demos, and other experiences customized to their world.
  • We decided to spend time learning how the new technology works, how it can be gamified, and how users would enjoy playing an augmented reality game on mobile.
  • You can swipe gesture to toss the paper ball. The distance depends on the length of the swipe and the direction of the swipe relative to the basket.
  • We made game play challenging by creating different modes of game play
  • We add feature to position the paper bin anywhere in your space. After the bin isin place you can start playing.
  • The further away you are from the bin the higher the level (3 difficulty modes). The game draws the difficulty arc lines that tell you which difficulty area you are in and you can see that as text at the bottom of the screen.
  • User can give suggestive feedback instead of simple error messages. We added some nice sound effects.
  • We decided to use existing resources as much as possible. We create a theme with user interface for AR apps that standout when the background is a live camera feed and made 3D assets online.
  • App is compatible for all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and also support 11 different languages.
  • Here, At Paper Bin, You can also take a screenshot with the camera button and that will cost you 50 coins for this we add a payment system in the app.
  • We added micro transaction in the game. You can buy coins for real money.
  • The reason people will want to buy coins is to be able to clear the bin so the paper won’t overflow. If the bin is full you won’t be able to put more paper balls inside the bin.
  • There is also an option to buy different types of baskets (e.g. Big Echo Bin) or ones in different colours


We can give you a complete walk through via Skype as we are working on it from last few years. The link for app on play store of apple is given below:


  • Native iOS app built using Apple’s ARKit and Unity 3D, Swift 4.0, VIPER architecture.
  • Used Google Analytics to provide usage data and AdMob to serve users with banner and interstitial ads.


  • Paper Bin AR is the best paper-tossing game that I tried to date (only played two though LOL). There is not fan here like the original Paper Toss game, i wish there was. Anyways, noting spectacular, but hopefully this game will be improved with future updates.
  • Amazing app to read news and be informed. clean, well organized and fast. Totally recommended!

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